Advanced biocomposites for tomorrow's economy BIOG-NET

The main subject of the project research concern the use of microorganisms to search for innovative solutions in modern technologies, especially in the design and manufacture of new, mixed nanocomposite, porous materials (metal-protein type). The overall objective of this project is biosynthesis and characterization of new materials properties based on zinc and silver oxide nanoparticles and biosilica doped with transition metal ions. In the next stage of the research methods that allow their physicochemical characteristics and,  consequently, their application in the medical devices, cosmetics, household chemistry and the food industry will also be used.

Obtained results will allow understanding of mechanisms and processes of biological synthesis of inorganic matter by selected microorganisms and further development of new methods of biosynthesis of nanocomposite materials in environmentally friendly conditions.

Project financed by the Foundation for Polish Science from the European Regional Development Fund within the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 (OP IE), Axis IV: Increasing the research potential, Action 4.4: Increasing the human potential in the R&D sector, TEAM-NET program.
Project coordinator:

prof. dr. Bogusław Buszewski, DSc. dr h.c. mult., member corresp. PAS
The date of the Project: (01.10.2019-30.11.2022)

dr hab. Paweł Pomastowski, prof. UMK (from 24.03.2023)

The date of the Project: 2019-2022.

Project financed from the EU:
20 898 652,46 zł

UMK in Toruń
7 Gagarin St., PL-87 100 Toruń